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Castles and ruined castles

Ruined castle of Alt-Ehrenfels was built in the 13th century above the Glass valley by the Lords of Ehrenfels. As the castle served later on as a shelter for brigands, it was destroyed in 1516 by the troops of Zwiefalten monastery. You can still see parts of the frontal wall with a donjon on it that has a diameter of 7m as well as parts of a neck ditch. Free access.

Ruined castle of Schülzburg (12th century) next to Anhausen above the Lauter valley. Not accessible. Destroyed through fire in 1884. As it is situated much lower than the former castles of Hohengundelfingen or Wartstein and therefore was not so exposed to wind and weather it served much longer as a domicile than the other ones. The castle which has a view to the valley owes its appearance to the Knight Walter von Stadion, who acquired the castle in 1362.
Castle of Derneck is also situated above the Lauter valley (it is now used as a hiker´s inn). Impressive ruined castle above the Lauter valley next to Hayingen-Münzdorf. Large frontal wall (with lookout). You can find the hiker´s inn in the former forester´s house (Group accommodation, 41 beds). Telephone: 0049 (0) 7121 1 68 83 98 (Mrs. Heiss), email:

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Ruined castle of Maisenburg, approx.. 1.5 km northeast of Hayingen above the Lauter valley. Ruins of a stone house and strong Staufen-style frontal wall with rustication. Free access.

Ruined castle of Monsberg above the Lauter valley, next to Wartstein castle, free access.
Ruined castle of Wartstein above the Lauter valley between Hayingen-Anhausen and Unterwilzingen. Wartstein castle was one of the most venturesome castles on the Swabian Jura. The heavy frontal wall today is a lookout. Free access.

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